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Water Treatment in Gainesville, FL

Looking for reliable water treatment services? From water softeners to well drilling and pump repairs, Griffis Drilling Specialists provides the finest in water services for the Gainesville, FL!

Welcome to Griffis Drilling Specialists, family owned and operated since 1973. We strive for 100% satisfaction.  Stan Griffis is a Certified Master Ground Water Contractor. Stan is very proud to be associated with National Ground Water Association and Water Quality Association. Stan is the only well driller in the area of Alachua County that is a Graduate Geologist.


Griffis Drilling Specialists is fully insured and offer estimates. We offer complete well drilling, pump repairs and installations for residential and commercial jobs.

Pump repairs and installations are done by a certified pump installer. You don’t always need to replace your old pump.  

Well Drilling Done in an Efficient Manner!

Griffis Drilling Specialists stand out from the rest. We also offer complete professional water treatment services by a water specialist class V1 in Gainesville, FL and surrounding areas. The purpose of water treatment is to provide iron removal and a consistent supply of high quality water that meets our customers’ needs.

Out of Water? Call Griffis Drilling Specialists today! We are available seven days a week. We specialize in submersible pump repairs and installations offering expert service and warranties. We understand the importance of prompt service when you have no water. Our customer service will leave you with peace of mind, making sure that your repairs will be done quickly and correctly the first time. To complement our pump services, Griffis Drilling Specialists provides sales, service and installation of water treatment systems. Our sulfur removal enables the water treatment to go as smoothly as possible.

Water Softeners 

When it comes to hard water, the removal of certain minerals is what makes your water soft. Although, it takes efficient water softeners to make that happen. When you are in need of services in water softeners, trust the experts at Griffis Drilling Specialists. 

Depending on who you ask, it may mean different things. Putting it in simple terms, “soft” water has been processed so that excess levels of dissolved minerals are removed.

Water treatment Gainesville, FL Specifically, it is “hard” water (containing calcium, magnesium, bicarbonates, and sulfates) that has been put through water softeners.

Iron in Water

Dissolved iron is a common well water problem. Iron in water can either appear clear or leave reddish-brown rust particles. High levels of oxygen in water mixed with iron and manganese can cause the water, as well as the food cooked with it, to have a metallic flavor. Iron deposits can sometimes build up in pipelines and tanks, reducing the water pressure supply.

Sulfur in Water

Sulfur in your water supply is easily recognized by its offensive odor.  Hydrogen sulfide gas causes the "rotten-egg" or sulfur water smell.  Hydrogen sulfide in water causes no known health effects; however, high concentrations do change the taste of the water.  Hydrogen sulfide dissolved in water corrodes metals such as iron, steel, copper and brass. The corrosion of iron and steel from sulfur forms ferrous sulfide or "black water."

Hydrogen sulfide in water can blacken silverware and discolor copper and brass utensils. Sulfur water makes cleaning clothes very difficult because using chlorine bleach in sulfur water reduces the cleaning power of detergent.

Hydrogen sulfide in water also corrodes exposed metal parts in washing machines. Iron and manganese, often present with hydrogen sulfide, turn the water black and greasy-feeling.

If untreated, the water stains laundry, washing machines, sinks and kitchenware. When used in the laundry, chlorine bleach reacts with iron and manganese forming dark rusty or brownish stains on clothes.

Well drilling Gainesville, FL Providing the Finest in Water Treatment Systems

If your water has a funny smell to it or stains your laundry, we can help.

Griffis Drilling Specialists can install one of a complete line of high quality water treatment systems including water softeners, iron removal, and sulfur removal.

We also specialize in well abandonment. As a homeowner, feel at ease that you have a trustworthy well drilling, pump repair service always available at your fingertips waiting for your call.

Whether you have a quick question, need a well drilled or an entire water system, give Griffis Drilling Specialists a call and experience the personal attention we provide in Gainesville, FL and surrounding areas.

Water treatment Gainesville, FL

Give Griffis Drilling Specialists a call today at (386) 462-2845
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